Our most authentic selves are often found in our unraveling.

These glimpses into our true nature, our essence are rare, and powerful, They allow us to harness, the very thing the world needs most – our vulnerable sincerity. As creatives, we know this process more intimately than most – the splitting of our skin and the spilling of our guts on film, canvas, and story line. We undo easily, but we cannot undo what has been undone. It’s imperative that we don’t.

This is how we make our mark on the world. It isn’t through perfection or notoriety. It’s through authenticity. It’s through truth and honesty, poured out through personality and experience. The gold comes forth through the mess.

Unravel is an interactive and immersive workshop; an honest attempt to equip people with tools, bravery, and tenacity from one creative to another. Our longing is to delve deep into the heart of what it means to learn – and become more – from trying over and over again, and not being afraid to put ourselves out there once more. This down-to-earth and approachable workshop gives fresh breath to the need in each of us to let the magic out.